Diagnostic Validity of Urinary Mucosal Anti – Salmonella typhi OMP Antibodies as Compared to Systemic Responses in Typhoid Patients

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Ameer H.R. Chiwan
Ibrahim M.S. Shnawa


Anti – Salmonella typhi, Antibodies, Typhoid Patients


Outer membrane protein [OMP] 55kDa and 62kDa antigen was identified from S. typhi and was loaded onto tanned Sheep’s RBCs and be the diagnostic antigen for typhoid. Urine and blood samples were collected from 60 typhoid patients and 30 control individuals. Urinary Mucosal globulins [UMG] were separated from urine samples by PEG 6000 6%. Biuret color reaction was used to identify urinary mucosal globulins UMG. Sera were saved from patients and control blood samples. OMP antigen was titrated with UMG and sera using Passive hem-agglutination [PHA]as compared to S. typhi “O” and “H” titrated with UMG and sera by standard agglutination [AG], the classical Widal test. Titers were affixed for both of the tests. Sensitivity and specificity indices were calculated for AG and PHA. OMP – PHA was found to be more specific and sensitive than Widal. The majority of typhoid patients were showing anti -OMP, anti- O and anti- H antibodies both and mucosal and systemic compartment. OMP – PHA and Widal be of use as a battery for serodiagnosis and herd immunity of typhoid patients. The novelty of this study was the suggestion that urinary mucosal immunity can be used for typhoid diagnosis when patients systemic immune responses were negative.

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