Overweight and Obesity and their Association with Food Habits Among Public Schools Adolescents in Jordan

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Nisser Alhroub
Murad Alkhalaileh
Laith Alosoufe
Atallah Habahbeh
Ibrahim Ayasreh


Obesity, prevalence, public health


Adolescence is defined as one of the critical periods related to physical activity behaviors. In this period, regular physical activity decreases, and stable behavior increases (Haghjoo et al., 2022). During adolescence, the prevalence of risk for overweight and obesity increased in developing countries more than in developed countries (Piryani et al., 2016). There is an obvious increase in obesity among adolescents in the world as there is a worrying spread among them according to the indicators of obesity and overweight in the Arab countries, where adolescence is considered one of the critical stages regarding the development of obesity which considered as risk factors in adulthood for some chronic illnesses (Musaiger et al., 2016). Because of the rapid increase in the prevalence of obesity, as well as the associated chronic illnesses, obesity has become an important public health problem for adolescents (Talat & El Shahat, 2016).

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