Hospital Parking Management System using Internet of Things

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Joshua Reginald Pullagura
G.Ramana Murthy


IoT, RFID, Smart parking, cloud


As the number of automobiles in urban cities are increasing day by day, traffic volume and parking slots are the major problems. Efficient hospital parking management is always crucial for vulnerable patients despite the fact that many cities move away from vehicle dependence. Utilizing Internet of Things technology is an effective and efficient manner to automate the administration of the parking system that assigns an effective parking spot. The Internet of Things provides wireless access to the system, and the user can keep track of the parking area's availability in the hospital. Often, the user invests time and energy looking for parking spots in hospital parking area. This is sometimes life threatening for serious patients. This paper's major goal is to find a solution to this issue. The user can view the parking information on the Thing Speak website or mobile application. As a result, the user's waiting time while looking for a parking spot is minimal. As per the information in the web site the free parking area can be accessible to authorised persons through RFID technology.

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