The Correlation between Some Immunological Markers and Hormonal Changes among Patients with Toxoplasmosis in Tikrit city

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Dr.Zainab Sulaiman Erzaiq


Study, Production, Body, High, Serum


A cross sectional study was carried out in Kirkuk city from 9th of February 2017 to 11th of February 2018. These women attend to Salahaldeen Teaching Hospital, primary health care centers of Tikrit city and some private medical laboratories. The aim of this study was to correlate between some immunological markers and hormonal changes among pregnant women with Toxoplasmosis in Tikrit city. The number of pregnant women understudy was 380 whose ages between 18-42 years old. The rates for Toxo IgM (-)/IgG (+) was 25.0%, Toxo IgM (+)/IgG (-) was 7.90%, Toxo IgM(+)/IgG(+) was 7.37%.,in compare to control groups the rates of toxoplasmosis among pregnant women were higher than non-pregnant women. The results was statistically highly significant relation (P<0.01).Regarding the relation of some hormones to the seropervalence of Toxoplasma antibodies , the high rates of serum progesterone and oxytocin levels were increased ,while the levels of serum estrogen were decreased in pregnant women whose had toxoplasma antibodies . So we concluded that the toxoplasmosis has effects on the sex hormones of pregnant women. This due to effect of T. gondii on production and proliferation of some hormones by their effect on endocrine and sex-hormones or other parts in the body. The study concludes that there was a significant correlation between immunological markers and hormonal changes among pregnant women with Toxoplasmosis.

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