The Effect of Infectious Bronchitis Virus In Embryonated Chicken Eggs

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Mustafa Hilal Ali
Aida Bara Allawe


Infectious bronchitis virus, embryonated chicken eggs, RT-PCR, allantoic sac


Specimens were collected from different farms in Iraq, then collected samples from (Baghdad, Babylon, Diyala, Wasit and Sallahulldin) were prepared by mortar and pestle and were inoculated into chicken embryos at age (9-11) days by allantoic sac inoculation. The death of embryos after 24 hr. post inoculation was ignored. There was no death of embryos on the first passage of the virus into chicken embryos and the allantoic fluid was harvested after 96 hours post inoculation. On second passage, one embryo was died and the allantoic fluid was harvested after 96 hr. post inoculation. On third passage, two embryos were died post inoculation and the allantoic fluid was harvested after 96 hr. The infected allantoic fluid was examined by RT-PCR to detect IBV. The result of RT-PCR was positive to detect IBV in infected harvested allantoic fluid.

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