Gender Determination Using Bicondylar Breadth in Orthopantomogram

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Reshma Poothakulath Krishnan
Abirami Arthanari


Gender determination, Bicondylar breadth, Orthopantomogram,innovative technology, novel method


Introduction: Identification of gender is of primary importance in forensic investigations when only fragments of the skull remain. The mandible is located inferior to the facial skeleton. It is the largest and strongest bone of the face and exhibits a high degree of sexual dimorphism.The aim of the study is to determine gender by bigonial breadth using Orthopantomogram.
Materials and methods: The present study is a retrospective quantitative analytical study. The orthopantomograms of 20 subjects of age group 30-40 years were collected. Measurement of bicondylar breadth was done using a computerised software
Results: The mean value of bicondylar breadth was noted to be higher in males with 266.60 than females with 243.20. Independent sample t-test showed p value of 0.078 which is statistically not significant (<0.05).
Conclusion: Maximum bicondylar breadth was noted more among males than females. The Bicondylar breadth has anthropometric value. It can be used in determination of gender of subjects in medico-legal cases.


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