Prevalence Of Odontogenic Tumours In Association With Age And Gender - An Institutional Study

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Sudarsan R
Abilasha R


odontogenic tumour; age; gender; prevalence; association; innovative technique


Background: Odontogenic tumours are a complex, heterogenous group of lesions ranging from hamartomas to malignancies. There is a lack in the number of studies recording the prevalence rates and epidemiology of odontogenic tumours among the Indian population.
Aim: The current study aims to establish the association between age, gender and odontogenic tumour occurence.
Methodology: Data was collected from patients’ dental records from the department of oral pathology to meet the inclusion and exclusion criteria. A total of 640 records of patients who had undergone histopathological diagnosis were selected by random sampling and presence or absence of odontogenic tumours was analyzed in different gender and age. Descriptive analysis and chi-square tests were performed.
Results: Of the 640 examined subjects, only 11 patients were diagnosed with odontogenic tumour (0.1%). This study reveals that the prevalence of odontogenic among the study population was low. Unicystic ameloblastoma was the most commonly occurring OT. No significant correlation was found among gender or age.

Conclusion: Odontogenic tumour is a rare occurrence for the given patient demographics. However, knowledge regarding the relative incidence of odontogenic tumours across the globe, will likely improve the understanding of these lesions and this will in turn contribute significantly in determining treatment, its clinical outcomes and prognosis.

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