Effect of hyperparathyroidism on anemia management in patients with hemodialysis dependent end stage renal disease

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Ahmed Fadhil Idan
Mostafa Adnan Abdalrahman


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Anemia is the most serious and significant complication in patients with chronic kidney disease, especially hemodialysis dependent end stage renal disease. Hyperparathyroidism may hamper the management of anemia by multiple mechanisms. So the aim of this study is to define the effect of elevated parathyroid hormone level on anemia management in hemodialysis patients at (The Iraqi center of hemodialysis, Baghdad teaching hospital, Iraq). A retrospective cohort study was conducted in (The Iraqi center of hemodialysis, Baghdad teaching hospital, Iraq). The duration of the study was through six months from the 1st of February to 31st of July of 2022 on 85 hemodialysis patients (after excluded). The data was collected (mentioned in patients and method) and analyzed by the researchers. Results: There was a significantly higher level of hemoglobin (Hb.) with mean 10.55 gm/dl in patients with parathyroid hormone (PTH) level less than 300 pg/ml (G1) comparing 8.6 gm/dl in patients with (PTH) level more than 300 pg/ml(G2) with
p value >0.001 . Other parameter there was a significant difference in serum Ferritin (S. Ferritin) which was higher in G1 than G2 (p value 0.045), although it was within the target range of H.D. patients in both study groups. Serum phosphate (S. PO4), alkaline phosphates and weekly Eprex dose required to achieve targeting Hb. were significantly higher in G2 (p value 0.007, 0.012 and <0.001 respectively.

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