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Dr. Rashpinder Singh
Dr. Sukhmandeep Kaur Dhaliwal
Dr. Simran
Dr. Manisha
Dr. Harleen Kaur
Dr. Ravi Gupta


Salivary glands, salivary gland disorders, xerostomia, diagnosis of salivary glands


Saliva is secreted by salivary glands, and saliva plays an important role in oral cavity as saliva helps in various manners in the normal functioning of the oral cavity , as it helps in preparation of the food for swallowing , it helps in appreciation of the taste of the food, saliva helps in digestion of the food , saliva also plays cleansing and protective function in the oral cavity, saliva helps in the process of normal speech of the individual, saliva plays an excretory function, saliva plays an important role in regulation of the body temperature. There are different salivary glands which are present in the oral cavity. Any disturbance or injury to the salivary glands leads to dys functioning of the gland which can lead to altering the oral health condition.

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