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María Claudia Ochoa-Fajardo
Yelitza Aguas Mendoza
Natalia Guzmán Diaz
Alexander Pérez Cordero
Donicer E Montes Vergara


Biocoagulants, flocculation, turbidity, clarification.


The objective of this research was to evaluate the coagulating activity of Tamarindus indica L. seed powder dissolved in water and saline solution, compared to aluminium sulphate in the removal of turbidity from surface water of the Magdalena River (Colombia). Through the extraction of Tamarind seed powder, and performing a jar test, evaluating the percentage of removal in the different treatments, starting from surface water with initial turbidity of 172 NTU, 180 NTU, 215 NTU and 320 NTU. The tests showed removals of 86% and 87% with doses of 35 mg/L and 40 mg/L respectively for the solutions with NaCl 1.0 N and coagulant seed powder. From the above, significant differences between the coagulant solutions are evident, but not between the coagulant doses used, suggesting further tests to obtain the optimum doses within the coagulation-flocculation process.

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