Morbidity And Risk Factors Associated With Intestinal Parasite Infections Among Children Under Two Years Old In Duhok City, Iraq

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Haveen Khalid Hasan
Souzan Hussain Eassa
Haval Mohammed Khalid


Diarrhea; intestinal parasite; risk factors


Introduction: Diarrhea among children under two years of age continues to be a significant problem in Dohuk City, Iraq, due to its link with fatal occurrences. Children's behavioral patterns, as well as the environment and sociodemographic factors, can all contribute to causing diarrhea. The aim of the study is to evaluate the risk factors for disease in diarrhea among children under the age of two years old in Duhok city-Iraq.
Methods: A total of 260 diarrheic stool samples were taken from children under the age of two from September 2021 to January 2022, with differences in sex, residency, educated or noneducated parents, and feeding all were recorded. Stool samples were analyzed using macroscopy and microscopic techniques (saline and iodine wet mount and modified Ziehl Neelsen staining).
Results: out of 260 examined stool samples, 75 (28.85%) were positive for parasites infection. The number of parents who were educated was 166 out of 260 (63.8%) P<0.05, breastfeeding (78 out of 260), and feeding from a bottle (182 out of 260) P<0.05, Community (Rural=16.9%, urban=11.9%), economic status (Low to medium=23.9%, Good=5%) all factors significantly associated with the occurrence of diarrhea.
Conclusions: Sociodemographic, environmental, and childcare practices are related to diarrhea in children less than the age of two. This study highlighted the need to improve the environment and hygienic behavior to minimize diarrheal cases. It is inevitable that parents' awareness of breastfeeding's critical benefits will be raised through counseling and health promotion.

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