Effect Of Root Planing With Er:Cr:YSGG In Comparison With Conventional Root Planing On Periodontitis Affected Teeth- An InVitro Histomorphometric And Scanning Electron Microscopic (SEM) Study

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Jaiganesh Ramamurthy
Chitra .S


Er:Cr:YSGG , NSPT, debridement - surface of root, Curettes ,Surface roughness, Stereomicroscope


Background: A laser is a device that produces light via an optical amplification process based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic energy.Root planing is a procedure involving removal of dental plaque , calculus. It also produces smooth root surfaces . It also plains the exposed root surface . It also removes altered cementum.
Aim: The primary goal of this study is to compare the effects of Er:Cr:YSGG to traditional root planing in teeth which are extracted.
Materials And Method: A Total of 20extracted teeth was selected. In 10 extracted teeth, root planning was done with Er:Cr:YSGG with wavelength 2780nm and 10 other extracted teeth root planning was done with curette. Surface Irregularities were checked in stereomicroscope and then SEM analysis was done for the same .
Results: Root planing done with Conventional method shows better results when compared with Er:Cr:YSGG.However, the morphological data showed more irregularities were seen in laser when compared to hand instrumentation.
Conclusion: Root planing with Er:Cr:YSGG lasers as an adjuvant therapy can be effective in removing residual material from the root while having little or no detrimental thermal effect on the root surface, however the root surfaces showed increased surface imperfections. In addition, the Er:Cr:YSGG laser appears to be the best option for nonsurgical periodontal therapy. The study found that Er:Cr:YSGG lasers combined with root planing were successful in nonsurgical periodontal therapy.

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